The world needs a better domain registrar. One which understands businesses, risks and their impact on brand reputation.

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of Nametrust - a secure corporate domain registrar, your ally in brand protection and online reputation management.

The Gap in Brand Protection

The current domain industry landscape is dominated by a handful of key players. Over the last two decades, they have perfected the art of marketing services such as Webhosting, Email, and SSL Certificates.

This broad approach has left businesses underserved. The entire customer experience from searching, purchase to domain portfolio management is broken.

Why the World Needs a Business-Focused Registrar

Nametrust exists to bridge this gap.

Where retail registrars chase upselling strategies, we're adopting a business-first approach.

Nametrust introduces advanced features such as multi-user support, SSO and SAML, designed to streamline domain portfolio management. We pair this with a dedicated account manager, ensuring that expert help is always at your disposal. But we didn't stop there, we understand businesses. Nametrust also offers features like Net 30/60/120 billing, consolidated billing, cybersquatting protection, brand abuse detection, organization-level budgeting, and change approval workflows – tools that empower you to execute an integrated brand protection strategy.

We believe these tools are essential for organisations looking to secure the digital assets - and - online brand reputation.

Stay tuned for updates. Onwards and upwards!

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