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What is Domain Hijacking? | How to Prevent Domain Name Hijacking?

What is Domain Hijacking? | How to Prevent Domain Name Hijacking?

As customers, we often find and recall brands online by their domain name. If a hacker steals or hijacks your domain name and conducts fraudulent activities, customers might perceive it to be you – severely damaging customer trust. That’s not all; by 2025, cyber attacks will cost businesses a hefty amount of $10.5 trillion per year. That’s another reason why you must be aware of one of the most vicious cyber-attacks – domain hijacking. To help you prevent domain hijacking, we have curated this

What is Brandjacking?

What is Brandjacking?

If you’re bringing your brand online, you’re exposing it to brand hijacking. That’s the bitter truth, and you need to gear up before it eats your brand credibility, customer trust, and profit margins. Brand impersonation has seen an increase of 360% since 2020. It’s high time to develop strategies to proactively prevent brandjacking before you start losing customer trust because of sophisticated behavior by a scammer under your name. To prevent this, you must be aware of what brandjacking is,

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